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That  jerk.. just ewww.

I was just taking my shower, and when I went for my soap, I noticed water inside the soap cup. I'm always careful to drain out excess water, so the soap won't turn to mush. Then I saw it. A strand of black hair.
There's only one person in this house with black hair: jan (who once again has lost the privilege of having his name capitalized).
That disgusting excuse for a human being has been using my soap!!

In other disgusting news, more flies have appeared in my room. It's not the soil, they have a spawn point in my room. I need to find and eliminate it ASAP.
Maybe Odessa dragged some poor hapless animal under the bed and left it half eaten there, neglecting to tell me about it, because you know, I check under the bed all the time. Really.

Around twenty minutes until the flea market opens for its last four hours.

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