Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Watching Naruto 132 (raw) cheered me up a bit..


Damn, it was good to see Kakashi again. The show has focused way too much on the kids recently.. I know, they're the main characters..

That's something I hate about many anime series. It's all about the kids; the adult characters, if there are any, are just supporting roles. The giant mecha that will save humanity is of course piloted by a 13-year-old. What the fuck, Japan? Your life isn't over by the time you turn twenty. That's when life begins. The Great Adventure can happen at any time, but when it does, don't think we adults are going to happily hand over the important parts to a bunch of children.

I am open to recommendations of anime series where the characters are mainly adults. It doesn't have to be adult themed, but adult elements are highly appreciated.
Games too, I guess, though I can't run anything from the last three years on my computer, and the only consoles I have are the Playstation and the GBA.

Not that I need anything else to consume my free time.. ^_^;

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