Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

[site update] and misc. stuff


Haven't posted recently because there hasn't been much to post about. Updated my site a bit today. Finally posted a "we have moved" notice at the old site, should be getting more traffic now, as the old site is still the one search engines tend to lead to.  Tracked down a few bandwidth thieves, one French, one German and one Polish. Can't read a word in either of those languages.. I wonder what it's like to be on the Internet and not understand English.

Odessa spent the night with me last night. ^_^
I'm so grateful I have her in my life.

And I was awakened by the squirrel this morning.. Odessa was interested, but she couldn't get close to it at all. It'd spot her, retreat, and she'd go back inside again.

Been in the mood to make icons lately, but my old version of photoshop (5.5) sucks and apparently can't import brushes. Still can't find the CD of version 7.0 my dad burned me ages ago. I'd buy CS if it didn't cost roughly as much as two 17" LCD monitors.. I love photoshop.
Speaking of LCD monitors, I should be able to afford a 17" in two to three months if I put my mind to it. Of course you could argue that I really don't need *five* monitors.. but seriously, I need an LCD or two.. or three.

Yesasia finally shipped my order, a full week after I placed it. Damn slow, but it did say "usually ships within 7 days" when I placed the order. I suppose complaining is meaningless.
I feel pretty good about today, since I put in some work on the site. Need to update Odessa's site with more photos and stuff, though. I'll have to wait until tomorrow at the very least.. Not much more I can do tonight.

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