Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

minor [site update], Kind of blargh.


Not a serious blargh, I just don't feel very good. Listless and trapped. I wish the stench would go away. I should tell the shithead that it's incredibly discomforting to me when he lights up right underneath my room. Hot air goes up. Buy a clue, idiot.

Procrastinated a lot today. Watched the latest two subbed One Piece episodes.. I'll be glad when this filler arc is over, it's annoying.

Watched Naruto 133 raw and translated the seiyuu credits. Did 130 to 132 as well, while I was at it.. that's as far back I have raws on my hard drive right now.
I've noticed that AonE "cheats" with the ending. I can tell because it keeps listing characters who aren't in the episode. I guess it saves them some work, but it means I have to have the raws to do the credits.  --> the stuff, if anyone's interested.

Also managed to spectacularly trip over something and fall onto the 15" monitor on my floor. Ow. No real damage done, just got another bruise to add to the ones I got while carrying the first of the 17" monitors. You'd think I was beat up instead of just increasing my hardware.

And lastly, experimented with cgiemail. Got it to work, but need to make the main input field a larger textbox instead of a single line.

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