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Happy birthdays to idol and urtidssuppa

My right wrist is acting up again. Need to cut back on computer and GBA use.

Three days until payday. Thinking my next purchase should be something happy. Not decided yet, but Melon Kinenbi - This is Unmei is really growing on me, so perhaps the CD it's on. Not the single, I don't particularly care about the other song on it, or the instrumental version. And I like getting something new when I buy music, not just tracks I've already downloaded.
Or I could get the Yakitate!! Japan OST, or the Katamari Damacy soundtrack.. both would go well with the rest of the music on my mp3 player.

Today's been pretty good - although I haven't cleared anything from my backlog, at the very least I haven't added to it. And I cleaned the kitchen floor, and the mirror and sink in the bathroom. You might not get that impression from looking at my bedroom, but I do like my surroundings to be clean and uncluttered.

The stove top is an utter mess, though. That pig has been cooking, and as usual, has not cleaned up after himself. And he's left the house like that - haven't seen him since this morning. Oh, and there's a cigarette butt in the downstairs toilet. I hope Harriet comes back home soon. He never sits up watching TV until four in the morning when she's here.

Planning on going to bed early tonight, and getting up at something like six tomorrow morning - blasting loud j-pop.  ^_^

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