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It's like a boulder has been lifted off my heart. It's good to know that Harriet is 100% on my side. Now I just hope she sticks to her decision and doesn't show her useless son any mercy. ^_^

The Rie Fu CD arrived today. It is good, but right now I feel like listening to Utada Hikaru's Shiawase ni Narou. I'm going to be happy (again).

It was great, having Odessa come inside for a bit, and telling her that we can keep living here. Harriet is glad we're here, and wants to keep us. I feel so blessed for having all these people around me who care about my wellbeing.
We also discussed what to do about Odessa's scratching habits. Harriet suggested a "cat ladder" - a slanted board that Odessa can use as a walkway to get up and down to my balcony. It'd be a lot easier for her than climbing up and down, so she should hopefully stop doing that when she has the better option. Kind of weird that it took us four years to come up with that idea.

The only thing I have that remotely resembles bad news is that I'm almost out of Moon Palace. Only enough left for two or three cups, need to make a supply run to Black Cat, say.. tomorrow. Tomorrow's payday.

And has a special offer this week.. this 17" LCD monitor is 400 NOK cheaper than normal. Still 2000 kroner + shipping, but.. We wants it.
Do any of you guys have any experience with Iiyama monitors?
This one seems to meet my requirements.. power usage is a bit higher than the one I wanted, but that one turned out to only have VGA connection, and I want DVI. My video card supports it.. I'd be able to run dual monitors, and I'd save valuable desk space.
Heck, I'm tempted to get two, but it's not that awesome an offer, and I don't have the money. I'd have it if I could get the missing travel expenses payments refunded (and I probably will, have before), but I might not have that money until next week even if I complained about it today. So, one monitor at most. I already have more monitors than I need.. I should put one into the attic for backup in case one blows up.

My body is still kind of stiff and sore, and the area I hit on that monitor the other day has turned a sickly pale yellow-bluish shade. I'm going to take it easy the next few days, not overexert myself and end up sleeping all day like yesterday.

Happy. And nervous. Jan is not going to be happy when he gets back.. and I feel some a lot of  schadenfreude. But he's going to be angry, and he will probably be angry at me because I was the catalyst for the change, even if it was something Harriet herself has wanted to do for a long time. I can't handle people being angry at me at all, justified or not. But I'll keep all of you guys who support me in mind, and my theme song.. I am going to be happy, and he will not be allowed to ruin my life anymore.

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