Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Can't win them all.


They were still out of Moon Palace at Black Cat, and couldn't even tell me when they would have it again. Got some Green Assam tea instead.

Also resigned myself to the fact that I can't afford the monitor now, better to save up a bit first.. It's not like this is the only week with a good offer on an LCD. Might get a better one if I wait. Want, want, want, but it'd be better if I can get rid of one or two of the CRTs I have first. Another of this week's offers is a Western Digital 200GB HD for 750 NOK. But I'm not going to buy that large a drive for Secunda.. Not even going to buy it to put in Matsuri and let Secunda have the 80GB drive. A nice 40GB drive should be fine for Secunda. At least then I'll know the motherboard can support the drive.

My trip into town was not in vain, however. Took some photos, and bought volumes 1 and 2 of Hunter X Hunter at Outland. Read volume 1, the translation seems to be okay. A couple of points I don't agree with, but the most major is that Kurapika's clan (Kurata) had been transliterated to Kurta. Krata I could understand, but you do not omit the a in ra. If it was meant to be left out it'd be a ru, not a ra.

But I'm really happy to have my favorite manga in English.
I actually have volume 1 in Japanese, might do some comparisons later to more accurately gauge the worth of the translation. Might learn something too..

Tired now. Could probably fall asleep if I tried to, and wake up in the evening, only to fix a simple meal, watch an anime episode or two, and go back to bed again. I don't want to sleep my life away like this.

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