Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Still doing good.


Although I started somewhat late, I went on my way to Ullevål Stadion and did my planned purchases. I have beer!
Also took some photos, and updated oslo_fotoblog which has fallen into neglect recently.

And I washed the floor of my room today. Stashed a lot of items onto my bed to clear the floor. Still some parts I couldn't get to, but I covered everywhere I normally walk, so it's all good.

Then I watched three different fansubs of Trinity Blood episode 1, and took all the appropriate screenshots. Will watch the fifth and final sub tomorrow and post a comparison.

Just an early heads up: Avoid the sub by W-Dreamers. Not only is their translation worse than AJ's, they use Comic Sans. ::shudder::
I was tempted to just disqualify it right then and there, but I stuck with it and got some "gems" out of it - look forward to tomorrow's feature! XD

I suppose I should go to bed now, but bed's occupied by stuff, so I'll just put things back in their proper places first..

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