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Yesterday's photos.


I was a bit tired when I got back home yesterday, so I didn't post.. In case there are any of you guys who didn't know, May the 17th is Norway's national day (anniversary of the signing of the constitution), and people dress up in traditional garb, have parades and other festivities, and naturally there is a lot of noise. I'm not interested in those things, and the house reeked of old tobacco, so I decided that rather than staying at home, letting the Vile One annoy me, I'd go out into the woods.

I brewed up and bottled some green assam tea, and went on my merry way.

The first thing to catch my attention was this flower. I don't think I've seen one before, and I certainly don't know its name, so until I learn it, it will be the "five-bladed shuriken flower."

I arrive at Båntjern.

I sit down at the bench for a break, and a couple of ducks (a female and a male) come walking up to me. I share my apple cake with them. Well, mostly with the female, she'd walk right up to me and eat out of my hand. The male was more shy.

Cake and Tea. I love my green foldable cup.

I leave Båntjern and get to the base of the path I decided to return to.

Uphill, but not too steep.

The lost mitten that guided me to the path on my last trip was still there. From now on it's unfamiliar territory. The adventure begins.

I don't know which large body of water that is I'm seeing in the distance.

Me. Proof that I was there. :)

Less rocky, more foresty.

A few bogs too.

I reach a larger bog, and the path splits to the left and right.
It looks so familiar. I am almost certain I have been here before.

The path to the left looks especially familiar.

But I decide to go to the right.

Everything is so lush and green, the air feels so clean.. I am totally removed from everything that plague my everyday life, and am rejuvenated.

Alas the forest path eventually ends up in a dirt road.

I pose in front of a small forest pond.

I find a strange fungus.

And a beautiful, peaceful lake, where I sit down and eat the rest of the cake, and drink some of my now cold tea.

Another duck couple. This time I don't share my cake, there is little left and I need the energy.

This photo is not upside down, it is the reflection in the water. ^_^

Random closeup.

Running low on memory card space, I start taking photos at 1600x1200 instead of my usual 2048x1536. But you can't really tell since I downsize them to the same size.

I stray from the path, traversing areas barely touched by humans.. I'm lost, but perfectly fine with that. Still have a few more hours of daylight anyway, and while I'm a little tired, I am invigorated by the beauty of nature and the clean air.

And when I finally reach somewhere I recognize, I'm at Sognsvann.

And I'm so low on memory card space I start taking photos at the lowest resolution, even deleting some of the less successful shots I had taken earlier.

Swans! Two of them! They get reasonably close to me, but by this time, lighting conditions are less than favorable. I don't get any really good shots.

Although I had brought a few coins with me in case I ended up somewhere really weird and needed to take the bus home, I decide to walk home from Sognsvann. Here's the view from the path homewards.

It was the best day I've had in a long time.. really need to get out into the woods more often. And I need a thermos to keep my tea hot. Although Båntjern is still a destination I favor, I long to explore the forest more thoroughly. I want to find a place that is completely untouched by humans.. even at the most remote locations I visited today, there were signs of the passage of humans.. a few pieces of trash, footprints in the mud.

In total, I spent a little over six hours outdoors. I must've spent somewhere between four and five hours walking. And I felt great.

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