Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

So I turned on hotlink protection on my site


Because some fuckwad decided to hotlink all my character icons in a forum. "Here, use these avatars!" and he took the Orochimaru one for himself. That is the FOURTH person who steals the orochimaru image, the only one that has gotten more than one thief. What is it with bandwidth thieves and their obsession with Orochimaru?

I've allowed, but that doesn't help those of you who view your friends page from your, so I am not happy at all. I suppose I could add each one of you to the list individually, but what a bother...

I wish I could turn on the hotlink protection only for specific folders on my site.. but I don't see any such option. Also, this may just be a fluke, but it seems to me that images take longer to load now, due to having to check permissions first.

Not happy at all.

I'll keep an eye on my website's stats and add each of you as I see needed, but if you block referrers you need to comment to let me know.. or, I think maybe blocked referrer = no referrer, interpreted as a direct request, so it works.. I'll find out, I guess.

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