Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Shopping trip and more photos.


Phoned Black Cat Coffee- & Teahouse this morning and inquired about their status regarding Moon Palace. They had it in stock, so into town I went.
Tea purchased, I decided to visit Datakjeden (formerly Komplett Data) in Møllergata and buy something I needed. While standing in line (which must've taken me half an hour - they always have long lines), I suddenly remembered I needed a DVI - VGA adapter so I can run dual monitors. Got one, and a round IDE cable. Inquired about the cost of 512MB of SDRAM, but it was hellishly expensive, decided to pass it up. Maybe I can get a stick off of eBay for cheap..

Had originally planned to get either a HD for Secunda, Ram so that Secunda could inherit the then obsolete 128MB stick, or a DVD burner for Matsuri so I could install Mandrake Linux from the DVD I have. Oh well..

Need to clean off the desk again and switch the monitors around before I set up a dual-monitor display.

Having finally finished my business at Datakjeden, I briskly walked to the nearest subway station - my ticket was getting close to expiring. Made it to Majorstua, and while the chance of them doing a control past that point is near zero, I decided I'd not risk it, and walk home. After all, I have done so numerous times before.

But first I stopped by a grocery store for a few food items, ice cream and drinks. Rather than taking the tried and true, but highly trafficked road, I just wandered off in the general direction of home, going through a residential area.

Along the road from Majorstua. Nice and green this time of year.

Different photo, but same butterfly as featured today on oslo_fotoblog

I don't know if this is a disease or a parasite, but I hate seeing these things. This poor tree had a pretty bad case of whatever it is.

"Drive carefully - living children at play"
No zombie kids allowed in this neighborhood, thank you very much!

I hate those "drive carefully because of the children" signs. As if children's lives are worth more than an adult's. I really want to deface the one right outside our house to read "drive carefully - for everyone's safety, not just the children's!"
I wonder who puts up those signs.. They're different, all over town, so it's not a centralized agency. Maybe people apply for permission to put them up? Maybe I could make one of my own. <evil grin>

Spring is over. Those pretty flowers of pear, apple and cherry trees are now gone, and there aren't many tulips left. I regret not going to the Botanical Garden at Tøyen this spring.

Maybe I'll go there tomorrow..

Arriving home, I ate dinner watched episode 27 of Yakitate!! Japan. Also sat outside in the sunlight, reading and taking photos of Odessa.. None of the photos were exceptionally good, though. Might post a couple of them to her site later.

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