Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Oooh, an update.


Late last night I decided that I've wasted too much time already, and wrote a brief email to my aetat contact person, asking him to schedule a meeting.

That matter finally dealt with, I figured I'd go back to work now.. Heh. They're closing down permanently this Wednesday. For real this time.. It's that kind of thing that seemed to just get postponed indefinitely.. Originally it was supposed to be New Year, then February, March, April.. you get the idea.

So I packed my water boiler and as much tea as I could fit in my backpack, and walked back home. Will return to pick up the rest of my tea tomorrow.

Ah yes, and on the way to work, I met a fledgling magpie, apparently not yet capable of flight. I took some photos, one of turned out pretty good. Its parents sat up in the trees, screeching profanities at me for getting so close to their kid. Nice parents, looking after their baby like parents should. ^_^

And when I get to where I usually meet that long-haired black cat, there was another cat there too - a thin one-eyed grey fluffball. Took some photos.

Anyway, my boss wasn't in. First guy I asked said she comes around at 12.. but then I met J, my boss's mother (who runs the evil cafeteria), and she told me my boss is in London right now. Joy. She went away for a moment, and then my invisibility must've manifested herself, because she turned to some guy and asked if I had left already. While I was standing right there. -_-

So on my way back, the black cat is there, but the grey one is gone. I stick around taking photos and petting her, since I'm still a little tired from walking to work. A couple, whom I later find out live in the area, come by with a tin of tuna and ask me if I had seen the grey one that was there earlier.. They were worried about her. So I tell them that I saw her earlier, and have photos.. They asked me for copies. ^_^
They're offline folks, though, and getting paper copies of digital photos isn't something I've done before.. but I guess I'll stroll down to the photo place at Vindern and see if they can help.


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