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Such a dirty trick, LJ, giving permanent accounts a hundred icons. You know I know that someday fifty will not be enough. That day may yet be months away, or even a year, but we both know it will come.

So regular users may get the option of buying a hundred icons in the future, but that doesn't make me happy at all. I like paying for my account, but I hate paying for the icons.

$150 is a bit steep, though.. Assuming the prices don't change, and I'd keep paying for extra icons, that's just a bit over four years until buying a permanent account would save me money. I'd probably still be here.

Status symbol? I don't need those things. But the idea of never having to pay again appeals to me greatly.

To buy, or not to buy..

Too much money to spend at once. If I buy it, I can just forget about buying all that manga I planned on getting, until next month.

I want it. Tell me I should get it.

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