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For the second time this season, I found a wasp in my room, used a piece of cloth to safely pick it up, and let it loose outside.
And I used to be at war with them.. but after last summer's massacre, where I killed hordes of them without receiving a single sting.. I guess I feel guilty.

Not that there was anything I could have done differently. They had constructed a hive on my balcony, inside a cardboard box. Co-existing was impossible. But I still feel bad about crushing them and ruining their Hive.

Snake tagged me for the six songs meme. For a meme, it's not a bad one, so why not?
So, current favorites:

Bjørn Lynne - King Felino and the Slay Ground (From "The Gods Awaken")
Jonas Fjeld Band - I came to rock (From "Neck'n neck")
Rie Fu - Decay ~English version~ (From "Rie Fu")
Straylight Run - Sympathy for the Martyr (From "Straylight Run")
Stance Punks - No boy no cry (latest Naruto opening theme)
A-ha - Less than pure (From "Lifelines")

As for "tagging" people to do the meme.. meh. I'll skip that point, like many others have.

Talked to my landlady just now, complained about the Vile One's smoking and unsatisfactory bathroom hygiene.  She will tell him to go smoke elsewhere, and to use the downstairs bathroom.

Today is the one-year anniversary of my surgery. It is also Uchiha Itachi's birthday. ^_^

Neglecting my site because I am hooked on Bleach. Only six episodes left to watch, though, so I might update tonight.

Involuntarily slept through most of the day. No energy. Not that surprised, though, considering I've been walking to and from work the previous three days. Work is over, and now I can relax and not feel guilty about doing whatever I feel like until my meeting with my aetat person Tuesday two weeks from now.
I should take this time and put it to good use.. exercise every day, take photos, clean my room.. but today I'm taking a much deserved day off, drinking tea and watching Bleach.

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