Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

I wish I had an income I could do more than just survive on..


I spread myself too thin. I can't focus on a single thing..
Am currently very much hooked on Bleach - love it no less than Naruto, One Piece or Yakitate!! Japan. If only the end credits were listed in a readable size, I'd probably try to make a character/seiyuu list like I'm doing for Naruto.

I can't afford to buy all that manga. Even buying all the Naruto volumes is going to cost me a fortune, and One Piece has been running for far longer.. Plus buying it both in Japanese and in English..  - it's too much. I can't keep up.

And my hard drive's free space is being spent faster than I can regain it when I download several series, both raws and subs, sometimes even subs by multiple groups. I need a larger drive. -_-'

I also need to finish this entry and go to bed.

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