Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Waiting, waiting..


No mail for me today. Will be annoyed if I don't get my CDs tomorrow.

Tomorrow, new Bleach episode.

Apart from the fact that they seem to think that "shutup" is a word, I think I'm starting to prefer Lunar's sub of Bleach. After watching Lunar's sub, I went back to watch the AKeep-subbed episodes I hadn't seen yet, and.. There's a lot they don't translate. Sometimes without notes, even. What the heck?

I am glad they keep Zanpakutoh instead of translating it to Soul Slayer like Lunar does (just a note the first time to explain the meaning and I'm happy), but during the last few eps, I felt like I was bombarded with one strange term after another, and only getting half of them explained to me.

Haven't checked out Conclave's sub of Bleach yet - they only started subbing at episode 20, after Keep fell behind, and are only up to 25, which is where Keep is at too. Ten episodes behind. I'd have downloaded and watched them already if I had a more comfortable amount of free space.. Trying to hold off major downloads until I can burn off more stuff.

I guess I do have too many series I follow now: Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Trinity Blood, Yakitate!! Japan - just to mention the longer ones. Looks like Yakitate!! Japan is going to end at 47 episodes, though. Then there's Damekko Doubutsu, 26 episodes, 12 subbed so far and advancing slowly. But that hardly counts as far as harddrive space goes; each episode is only five minutes long.

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