Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

GIP and fansub observations.


I prefer watching the same group's sub of a series, because I like consistency.

But what the hell, AKeep? In the same episode, within less than one minute, you transliterated the same term three different ways. Take one and stick to it, or better yet, translate it.

And I feel like such a low-life for complaining about something that's given to me for free. Maybe it's envy that I'm not part of something that great myself. But I do believe that I could raise the quality if I were..

Now I have an urge to gather all the Bleach-specific words/terms and make a list explaining their meanings. I'd need that Bleach databook, though.
I should just shut up and go back to working on my Naruto site.

Not motivated. I just want to watch Bleach and make silly icons.
::waits patiently for episode 36 to download::

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