Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Che.. stupid NIC.


The outages are definitely related to large amounts of connections, possibly to refusing large amount of connections as they've happened twice tonight after quitting or pausing a torrent. So add that to the ever-growing list of stuff that needs to be done..

And it'd be no big deal if not for the fact that changing NICs means I have to re-activate WinXP. Those bastards at Microsoft, making me go through that just because I decided I wanted to legally buy an OS for once. Pigfuckers.
What if the replacement NIC I get has an issue too? And the next? Then just one more and I need to get on the phone with them just to re-activate. That's too cruel.
I hate the system that makes things far less convenient for those who choose not to pirate.

And midnight passes by without my notice, again. Good night.

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