Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Went out for a five-hour walk today.


You may remember my post on the sixth of this month. Today I finally got my lazy ass in gear and went to deliver the photos. That out of the way, I walked onwards, since going back the same way would be boring.

It was raining mildly, on and off..


Suddenly it started pouring. Lasted around ten minutes or so, I think.

Karl Johans Gate, the main street of Oslo.

Discovered that Oslo now have manhole covers bearing the city crest on them. Note the naked woman at the bottom.

One of the lion statues outside Stortinget.

Spikersuppa. Ice skating during winter, eyecandy in summer.

There were three ducks in Spikersuppa: one male, one female, one fuzzball of cuteness.

Is it cannibalism if a seagull eats a pigeon?


I took a lot of photos of the cute one, but most of them were crappy because the damn thing would never stand still.

Decorations on older buildings.


I like seagulls. They aren't in any way nice, but they are pretty.

Our public transportation isn't limited to just trolleys, buses, trains and the metro: we have boats too!

I take the trolley from Aker Brygge to Rikshospitalet, and walk the rest of the way home.

Tired now. Sleep.

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