Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Well fuck.


Sigmund and I just went to the store to buy some groceries, and when I tried to pay for them, my card was rejected. I had checked the balance before leaving home, so I know I had money on the account. Thankfully Sigmund had some cash on him, but we still had to put back a few items. How could my bank betray me like that? It was humiliating.

So I come back and see the email telling me my card has been stopped because an (unnamed) vendor in the US has had a breach of security and my credit card info may have been compromised. Then they recommend that I order a new card.

That doesn't really help me, seeing as I don't qualify - to get a Visa card from my bank, one has to have an annual income of more than I do, or 15000 on one's account. I had that much at the time I got the card, but needless to say, I don't have that kind of money now. Nowhere near it.

So, anyone got 15000 NOK to lend me for a few days so I can apply for a new card?

This is so painful. I feel like I've been demoted. I can't buy stuff online anymore. I can't access my own money anymore.. well, I could wire money to other accounts elsewhere, but..

I'd call their customer support, but I'm crying, and will likely get worse if I have to talk to strangers.

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