Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

My faith is restored.


So I created a new account (have multiple controlled under the same login), and checked on the checkbox for ordering a visa card with it, and.. it approved me. I'll have the card in a week.

Maybe they added an auto-approve flag to me since none of this was my fault.
I didn't have to call. ^__^

Good thing I have a meeting with my aetat contact person tomorrow.. I'll give him my new account number then, so he can change which account my money goes to.

Now the main issue is how to pay Hjem-is (the ice cream van) - last time it was here, I bought lots, but the lines were down so I wasn't able to use my card as a a debit card.. had to use it as a visa card, and they haven't charged me yet. Well, now they won't be able to.. ^_^;

I'd suspect that incident to be the problem.. I felt really uneasy about signing and giving over that number at the back of the card, but it was the same guy who's been selling me ice cream for at least two years, somehow I doubt he suddenly started scamming people. I'm one of his best customers, and always polite too.

So relieved. Sigmund and I are going to make apple cake to celebrate now. And then we'll watch more episodes of House.
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