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Dad came by and picked up Sigmund, so I'm finally alone again. Also got 700 kroner in cash from my dad (have wired the money over to his account, so I'm sort of using him like an ATM ^_^)

It's nice that even now, my parents are there for me when I need some help. It happens less frequently now, but I don't think I'll ever be fully independent - everyone needs someone to help out in times of need, be they parents or friends.

Oh yes, and I got my CDs today. Am happy.

Sigmund and I had a lot of fun playing Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee on my PlayStation. Got further than we've ever gone before, thanks to the walkthroughs at GameFAQs >_>

All the ice cream I had has been consumed. All of it. But other than that, we've mostly stuck to inexpensive foods, so it hasn't really been a financial burden to have him here for almost a week. It's been fun.

Oh yeah, and the meeting I had on Tuesday went fairly well. Spoke about my desire for a career in translation. He thought it was a bit on the ambitious side, but I think I managed to convey the passion I have for the field. I was asked what I had been doing the time I hadn't been at work, and told him about the translations I've done on my website, and about my photos. Showed him some, and he was impressed, particularly by the cute snail photo and the the squirrel photo. May get a basic photography course at a volunteer centre to hone my skills.

My "homework" until next time is to compile a list of norwegian publishers who do manga, for the purpose of asking what their requirements for a translator are, and to find out what kind of language courses are available and their costs.

I'm in the mood to clean now. I've been working on the kitchen a bit, and I want to clean the upstairs bathroom to remove traces of the vile one. Going to take photos before I go on vacation, and compare to how it looks when I get back.
Tags: aetat, family, vacation

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