Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Thank goodness it's sunday


I was sitting here thinking I only had a couple of hours to prepare, and almost no time to pack.

But it's Sunday.

Tomorrow is Aniki's birthday, and we're all (except for dad who is going to China) going out to mom's place for celebrations. Tuesday will be packing day, and we are departing for Brosvika on Wednesday, if things go according to plan.
I hope I'll be able to pay for the next half a year of hosting.. It's due on the 30th, but I can't pay it yet - hopefully I'll be able to do it on the 29th, if not I guess I can beg for some minutes online from my uncle.
Or maybe the departure will be delayed a day. That's actually very likely, I don't think we've ever left on the originally planned date..

But we're already deviating from the originally planned "first week of July"

Anyway, today should be spent on cleaning my room and planning what to pack. Tomorrow will be spent mostly in the company of family. Tuesday will be spent frantically running around buying stuff I need (cat food, possibly another memory card for my camera), only to find out late at night that we can't go on Wednesday because the car isn't ready.
Tags: vacation

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