Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Late night.


I need a sleepless icon. But in addition to insomnia, there are other reasons I'm still up.

Just finished a very late dinner. Devoured the rest of the chicken wings. Still hungry, but it'll do. Also, my laundry isn't quite done yet - I'll never be able to sleep while it's on.

Checked the date for the tick incident, and realized it has been over a month since I gave Odessa the Frontline, so I re-applied it to her so she should be tick-free for the duration of our vacation. She was very annoyed at it, but I apologized to her by offering her some canned food. I think she accepted the apology.

She's been acting a bit odd lately. She comes in and meows endlessly for no reason whatsoever. She has food and water, and affection.  Acting that way while Sigmund was here I can understand, but she's still doing it. I barely even see her anymore. But I got to spend at least half an hour with her today.

Maybe she's just restless because she knows that we take the same trip every summer... I should pack in secret so she doesn't realize we're leaving in just a few days.

But, I should sleep so I'll be up to hanging out with the family tomorrow. This morning was bad.. I got up around 8:30, got a few "good morning"s thrown at me on IRC, and went back to bed, where I slept for three hours.

As if I don't have enough things to worry about - laundry finished.. or so the infernal machine would have me believe. Part my fault; I shouldn't have put that nice green blouse in with the rest. It discolored several of my other garments, including the nice lime green shirt I wore yesterday. Damn it, I liked that shirt!
But the worst was beyond my control. My clothes were soaking wet, and there was residue of laundry detergent on some of them. The tab didn't even fully dissolve. So, the laundry machine is broken. I'll have to leave a note for the landlady if she doesn't return before I leave. Cheh.

Now sleep. It's late enough, I think I might be able to now.
Tags: bleh, insomnia, odessa

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