Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Made it safely back.

It would appear someone has been in my room while I was gone.. The door was ajar (with my mail left there for me to find), and the key was in the door to the balcony.. I am positive I didn't leave it like that.

While there is a slight possibility that the router fell down from its hiding place on its own, I doubt it. And my little black book of passwords was on the floor, not in my desk drawer where I usually leave it. But event log doesn't show anything between the time I left and my return. Besides, the password to my computer isn't in the book.

Got a bad scare when first connecting the router - the DSL light was blinking on and off.. but turning it off and back on again restored everything to normal, and I am now online.

Now to download the tons of anime that was released in my absence.. Oh, my poor HD space.
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