Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Photos. And other yayage.


My treacherous mp3 player still refuses to copy the photos back to any computer, but I can tell they are there. Maybe if I used some third-party program...

So, I only have the photos that were initially burned to a CD, and what was on my memory card when I came back home. Some of the earlier photos have been uploaded to my page on flickr. Go there, look at them, comment (here or there).

And I got locks on my doors today. I'm glad I have resourceful people like urtidssuppa among my friends.
Now my room feels more like a fortress than a prison. I used to think of it as "the green cage" for a short period of time, because of the trees surrounding it, and that I was afraid to leave it.  Now I can make sure no one enters my sanctum while I am gone.
It would seem that someone like me can be happy too, sometimes.

Otherwise, I've been watching a lot of anime.. Deeply in love with Bleach. And One Piece. Greatly enjoying Kyou kara maou too.
But Naruto.. I dread watching this new filler arc. I took a peek at the raw of episode 144, and.. damn it, they bastardized a character I like. Mizuki is back, and from the looks of him, he's been eating nothing but steroids the last year. Fuck, he was drop dead gorgeous before.. now he's just a hideous hunk of flesh. How could they do that to him? He had a hint of depth in episode one, but from what I saw of this filler, he seemed to be the stereotypical one-dimensional filler villain. Where did they find that plot, -_- (Probably shouldn't judge it before I see it, but it seemed really bad from what little I saw)

The manga I ordered yesterday put a huge dent in my bank account; I may need to dip into my savings before next payday.. especially since I'm virtually out of cat food.

Meeting at aetat on Monday. I've hardly had time to do my "homework".. But since tomorrow is Sunday, I won't be able to buy cat food or start looking at bicycles anyway. I have all the resources I need right here in my room, so I should be fine.
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