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I was just going to head to the store to buy something I can eat for breakfast, logged onto my bank to check my account's balance, and.. I have money. Why?

Someone has transferred 3720 kroner to my account. Because my firefox is borked and I can't change any of the settings, I can't see any of the details of the transfer, as they'd normally open in a popup (never mind that I had allowed popups from that domain before upgrading to 1.0.6)
So I  have no idea who transfered me the money.

Will be uninstalling and reinstalling the browser in a few days. But that means losing all my saved passwords and stuff, and the certificate to log into my bank, and because I do not have a cell phone, I can't get one instantly - they send it by snail mail, because you know that's oh so much safer than email. Really.

So I have to wait a couple of days until I can get things sorted out.
Tags: firefox, money

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