Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

New month, old way of wasting time.


My aetat contact person is having his summer vacation, so my next meeting with him is on the 30th.

So I've decided that this month, I want to pick up FFVIII again. Those of you who have known me since before I started blogging regularly know that I once made it to the end of Disc 3 when a stray current of static electricity fried my memory card.

I wonder if I have an empty memory card somewhere.. Another reason to prefer computer games over console games.

Other than that, I have a few other things lined up to keep myself "busy" - my sister is going to come stay with me for a few days (next week I think), I have my site to update, a doctor appointment, Odessa's yearly re-vaccination and a few errands to run. Not to mention finding the right place to buy a bicycle. Advice appreciated. I haven't owned a bike for the past decade, if not longer.

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