Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Meh day.


I was cheerful this morning, determined to have a great day. Took the subway to Jernbanetorget. Asked for a PlayStation memory card at EBgames, understood immediately that the guy thought I wanted a PS2 memcard when he said the price was 299. All they had was a 4-meg card. I haven't had any bad experience with 4-meg cards (except the one that got fried by static electricity, but that was quite a charge and I don't think a Sony card would've held up any better), only 8 and up, and it was marked 99 kroner, so I decided to get it. When he scanned it, it turned out it was only 48 kroner. Yay! I hope it won't die on me.

The streets were crowded and I was quite uncomfortable being around so many people. At least I have my mp3 player to shut them out. The first two trips to town after I got back, I couldn't listen to music because I can't find my headphones, and my sister kept my spare set that I lent her.. It was awful, having to listen to other people, traffic noises, bad music blaring from stores. Got a new pair I like, still can't find my old ones. Maybe they were left in the car.. Sigrid, have you seen my headphones?

Anyway, next I headed over to Spiderman, but they didn't have anything for the PSX.. their website listed official Sony memory cards for 179, so I might try to order from their web shop, but at this point it might be better to get a used one from some US online store.

Then I went to Avalon. Bought Naruto vol. 5. No subscribtion comics for me, even though I haven't picked up any for a month. Went to Outland and got Ultra Maniac vol. 1 and Girl Got Game (a.k.a. Power!!) volume 2.. they didn't have vol 1, but I read up until somewhere in volume 2 in Norwegian this summer, so it's not like I've missed anything.

A lot of the manga I love have girls dressing as or pretending to be boys. :D

Found my way to a furniture store and looked at beds and mattresses. I think it'd be a good idea to get a raised bed with storage space underneath. Then I wouldn't have to clean under the bed nearly as often, and I'd have more places to stash my loot. Am in dire need of somewhere to put my growing manga collection.

But getting a new bed and mattress means I can't get a new bike.. and I'm not sure I want a used one. Would be hard to get one that's both green and good if I buy used.

Kept walking and found my way to Vindern. Bought myself roses, because I deserve them dammit. Then I walked home.

Odessa liked the flowers, she already ate several leaves. ^_^

Time to dull the pain with anime and ice cream.

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