Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Feeling a lot better now.


Ice cream and Tea do wonders for one's physical and mental well being. Now, if I could only get Green Tea Ice Cream in Norway..

Tea isn't very popular here. Coffee is "the" hot drink. I'm pretty sure we have one or two kinds of coffee flavored ice cream. Doesn't interest me.. the closest I ever get to coffee is eating Mokkabønner (coffee-flavored dark chocolate).

Anyway.. my new memory card seems to work, and I am now playing FFVIII again. Lovely music.. I wonder if the OST is still available. . . .

. .It is, but it's a 4-disc set and just expensive enough that I'd have to pay the import tax. Meh.

Payday tomorrow, though. Will be indulging in a bit of retail therapy perhaps.

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