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Loot arrived today.


Five volumes of Naruto manga (1-3 and 27-28) so I can look up stuff when I need to.  And a couple of Bleach books.. Bleach Guide book "Bleach in Bleach" is full of stuff I wish I could read. Character profiles and other things. Somewhat text intensive and kanji heavy. Lastly, some Bleach book I can't even read the title of, but I think it's something along the lines of "character personality analysis". Pretty much only text. It'd take me years to read this at my current level, but I want to try to translate parts of it.

At least books are exempt from the draconian import fees.. but charges a lot for shipping and handling, I'll probably buy my next batch of manga from yesasia, who offers free shipping once over a certain limit (which would mean I'd have to pay import fees for anything else than books).

I'd like to buy more stuff right away, but I have to remember that the money I have left needs to last another two weeks, and I should take Odessa to the vet for her revaccination before next payday.. so I'll try to restrain myself.

Need to find some place to stash my growing manga collection. -_-'
Tags: manga, retail therapy

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