Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Happiness is just another word for good tea.


My dad dropped by yesterday, bringing me a shopping bag full of Tea he had bought during his vacation in China. So far I've only tried one kind, and it is very delicious.

Today has been a pretty good day. Went to town, bought a couple of manga volumes (Planetes vol. 1 and Battle Royale vol. 10), paid for my sister's train ticket home  (she spent all of her money yesterday), and got some fresh fish. Real, raw fish can be both messy and smelly; I'll probably stick to fillets and fish fingers for some time after this. But you can't beat the taste.

Spent a fair amount of time cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom. Worked a bit on my bedroom as well. Tired now.

Oh yes, and I did a bit of HTMLization. Building a character list for Bleach, mostly for my own reference. You can see my work in progress here.
Hunting down the right scene to take screenshots from is the most boring part. As usual, I'm open to suggestions as to which characters to do first.
Although it'll probably be just another project I'll never finish.. right now it feels like I could. There's a limited number of characters. And unlike Naruto, Bleach is fresh and interesting. There aren't any boring characters.

Another sleepless night looms ahead of me.
Tags: bleach, manga, tea

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