Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Sometimes I doubt that the good outweigh the bad...


Odessa woke me up with a bird this morning, like she's done twice already the past week or so. Only this time the bird was still alive. Still groggy, I took it away from her. Seems badly hurt, but there's no blood, there's a chance it's all shock damage and she will recover..

The veterinarian has summer opening hours, so I have to endure the cat's incessant meowing for another hour.

Lately, she's barely visited me...

Oh yeah, and I need to clean under the bed again. I was looking for something yesterday, peeked under the bed and saw lots of feathers. Like almost two full wings of feathers. What is it with that cat and her obsession with eating stuff under my bed?!

Once I get my new bed, she will no longer be able to do that. ^_^
Tags: odessa, odessa's hunting

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