Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

So I went to the pond again yesterday..


Saw a myriad of living beings that would do well on photographs if they'd only stand still and let me do my thing. Dragonflies of blue, green and rust. A cute, tiny lizard. Lots of ducks. Fish. Bugs.

And this leaf-winged butterfly: I only got three photos of it, one of them blurry.

The other one is on flickr.
I've also created nagamori_photos for a feed of whatever I upload to flickr, for those interested. It sees a lot more activity than my poor neglected oslo_fotoblog.. but be warned that there will be things like close-ups of spiders, slugs, bugs and all manner of creepy-crawlies that strike my fancy, as well as trees, flowers, cats, the pond, etc.
oslo_fotoblog is much more of a hassle to update since I write out the code manually, but that gives me the ability to use any kind of lj-specific code such as the lj-cut.. so no spiders without warning there. :)

I'd like to revive oslo_fotoblog to a photo a day, but lately I've either been depressed, drained of energy, busy, or any combination of the three. And sometimes I take a bunch of photos, only to find that none are so good I'd want to publish them.
Tags: photos

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