Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

I had one of those dreams again..


This is a bit of a recurring theme for me.. I'm in a building I am familiar with, and discover a door I hadn't noticed before.. maybe after clearing away a huge amount of stuff in the attic or basement. And there are several rooms I've never been in before..

There wasn't anything special about this dream. It's just something I dream relatively frequently. This time it was in the house in Brosvika, and not the green room with the strange magnetic feeling to it.. it was a pink room up in the attic. Several linked rooms, actually.. like a small apartment. And in the inner room, a computer connected to the internet. Yeah.. weird dream.

I think I have these dreams because I desire to have my own secret space. Lately I've felt the need to withdraw and isolate myself, to hide.. and my room isn't the sanctuary I need. I need a place that doesn't belong to anyone.

No matter how vast the forest seems, there isn't any place no human has been before. I think I want to move away from Oslo the next time I move. Maybe in a few years. However long it takes me to get the education I need to become a translator.

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