Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Didn't get up until after noon today.


Went out and checked the mail, and yay! My copy of Legend of Kyrandia that I bought off eBay the other day had arrived.
I installed it on Ao-chan, since she is the only computer of mine with a floppy drive. It's that old. ^_^

It was wonderful to return to one of the many fantasy worlds I remember fondly. Unfortunately, the soundcard in Ao-chan isn't a Soundblaster or otherwise compatible with the game, so I have the wonderful choices of PC Speaker or No Sound. (But I get sound in Daggerfall if I tell it I have a Soundblaster Pro).

Ordered broadband telephony from my lovely ISP. Did not opt to keep my old number, because I'm sick of telemarketers and people who can't tell 22 and 23 apart.. maybe I'll have better luck with a new number.
Will have to buy a new telephone, as the service is only compatible with analogue phones and I have an ISDN phone. Whatever. I hope I can find a nice one without having to spend too much. I'm just worried I won't be able to find a green one with a display.
Tags: old games

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