Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Money comes and goes..


..the problem is that it goes about twenty times faster than it comes.

Went to my doctor, talked about my sleep disorders, blah blah.. but when I asked about my sterilization options, she wasn't being very helpful. "You're young and have twenty reproductive years left" my ass. Do I have to wait until I don't need it anymore to get it?
At least she didn't blatantly say "You'll change your mind"  but she did say "You could change your mind" and acted as if my future self would be a completely different person than I am.
Yes, I've changed a lot, but I am the same person I was ten years ago. Much as it pains me at times.

Also told her I don't want my breasts; yes, the surgery was a good thing, but it wasn't good enough. They're still too big, in the way, and I hate them. But apparently breast removal is just not done. (that's why it has a name: mastectomy).
"So my only hope is getting breast cancer, then?" I asked.

She wondered why I wanted to remove everything about me that was woman. I corrected her and said I wanted removed everything that had to do with reproduction. There's a world of a difference there.

Maybe I should just get a new doctor, lie and say I've felt like a man all my life, get a sex change operation and "change my mind" once the breasts are off but before they give me a penis.  Better than breast cancer, right? (I know, not a valid option. I'm sure they do hormone treatment long before any actual surgery)

Left the office with a prescription for a sleeping drug called "Stilnoct" - nifty name, sounds as if it might actually work. If it doesn't, I can at least add one to the number of sleep drugs I can brag about being immune to.

I bought my new bed and mattress today. EXPENSIVE. I haven't spent that much money at once since I bought that plane ticket for aetherspoon to come visit me last summer. (No, not that expensive, but more than half)

Hopefully I should sleep better once I get it set up.

Then I wandered on, and spent most of what I had left on a green telephone. Checked the tracking page when I got back home, the rest of the equipment arrived in Oslo this morning, so who knows.. maybe I'll have it tonight.

Also spotted a tea store and bought some rooibush. Vanilla flavored. I'd go try it right away, but I'm too tired to do anything. I think I'll take a nap.

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