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Hi FList.


Just realized I haven't posted in a few days. Life has been mundane. Still getting used to the new bed, mattress and pillow. I don't sleep well, but no worse than before. I  sure hope it'll get better once my body adjusts to my new sleeping arrangement.

My room is currently an utter mess, what with my old bed still being here too. "I just can't do it" is just an excuse for being undisciplined. I don't have it in me to keep my room tidy, because I never cared enough. Just wanting something doesn't get me what I want, and unless I want it very, very much.. I won't put enough effort into getting it. I hate that trait. I want to erase it from myself, but I don't see that happening.

The month is drawing to a close, and I'm on the first chapter of the book of the month.. because the book is a direct sequel to a book I read years ago, and I figured I'd re-read the first book so I wouldn't be all confused. But that took quite some time, as I found the former book a bit dull this time around. So far, I'm enjoying the sequel.

I wonder when I'll have time to make my own S2 style. There are a number of things wrong with the current one.. The nifty little month calendar thing has Sunday as the first day of the week. That's something I'll never get used to, not even if I do move across the ocean. I'll also never get used to the 12-hour clock.

Lastly, the column on the right keeps appearing within the middle column, until I resize the browser width. Then it jumps right in place. It doesn't always appear messed up, but far too often. It's annoying. I've not found a clear pattern to what triggers it yet.

Also need to go through all my old entries and tag them. At least the photo ones. And it's time for another day trip somewhere, ending with a post with 20-some photos. Next month. After I'm done with this book.
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