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Another few hours lost to deth. Just lying there, near comatose. Eventually I managed to get out of bed, turn off the lights and slump down in front of the computer.

Typing doesn't take much effort at all. Thinking does, a little. I worry that there will be days I won't get off with just a few hours, that there will be days when I'll lie there like some hibernating snake all day.

Had this strange semi-nightmare, among other weird dreams. Large buildings with many elevators, often lacking basic safety measures, is a frequent theme in my nightmares. Generic such dream first. Second part, my dad and I went back to Skjetten, where my family lived in an apartment from pretty early in my life to the year I started elementary school (true), to investigate an incident of a day my dad has no memory of, but which he has an additional fifty hours of memories from. (I have no clue where that came from) - seems a small circle of witches did something to him, possibly to punish him for disrespecting them. And we were there to find out what happened. We were in the elevator, on the way up one of these apartment buildings (the one we lived in didn't have an elevator, being only four or five floors). Together with us in the elevator is a middle-aged Japanese man. My dad finds this amusing and tries to strike up a conversation with him. He excuses himself in bad english that he doesn't speak Norwegian. So my dad tries to talk to him in English and again he excuses himself that he isn't very good at English either. I think I should say something, maybe "That's fine, I don't speak Japanese very well either" or "please excuse my idiot father" to him in Japanese, but I can't find the words and keep second-guessing my fragile grammar skills. I don't want to offend by butchering his language.

Then I had another weird dream where I was attending a gathering of artists and performers at a mormon church. The bishop kept trying to force me to reconvert. There were TONS of people there, selling their crafts and whatnot. And.. I'm starting to see a pattern here. In several of my dreams/nightmares where I'm back at that church, there is a stuffed or overflowing toilet. I'm confused as to what that means, but it has to mean something that the two are usually featured in the same dreams.
Then Kurotsuchi Mayuri (from Bleach) showed up, and I knew he was going to start killing indiscriminately, so I ran as fast as I could and managed to be just out of the area of effect when he launched his attack. I was chased by various others, but managed to evade pursuit and hide in the same forested area I was in the previous back-to-church dream. It doesn't exist in reality.

And after a brief rainshower, there's bright sunshine outside. I should go bask in it or something. And read. I need to average six chapters a day to finish this book before the end of the month. Got in two yesterday.. yeah.
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