Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Three down, three or more to go before the end of the day..


After vegetating at the computer for a while, staring wistfully at the oak leaves dappled in bright sunlight, I stumbled into the shower, did my thing, slugged some more, and finally went outside. Sat in the sun, read, drank tea. It was nice. Odessa came by a couple of times for snuggles and photos.

Despite the brief, but furious rainfall earlier this morning, the ground was dry when I sat down. I stayed outside until the sun disappeared behind a large cloud, not long before it would have dipped below the horizon anyway. If only I could have gotten started earlier, I might have covered more chapters.

I've found that to be able to concentrate on reading, I need to be either in bed, or preferably outside of my room. The computer and the internet is far too much of a distraction.
Tags: reading

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