Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Return to Vigelandsparken.


Since I already had an errand in town around noon, I decided to spend the following several hours taking photos - specifically, visiting Vigelandsparken again.

The famous "Sinnataggen"

Still one of my favorite pieces.

Mural on the fountain.

And another.

The fountain.

"They're talking behind my back!"

Crushed under the weight of family.

"Being family doesn't necessarily protect us from the growing rift between us"

Cluster of horrors.

I don't think Gustav Vigeland (the sculptor) intended to portray having children as anything else than a form of slavery.

Entering the graveyard.

Military graves. Many of these people died young

Then I ran out of memory card space because I hadn't dumped the contents of the card for a while. But I had my spare with me.

I don't know who these other people are, but here lies buried Jan Pande-Rolfsen, whom I was a fan of since I was thirteen. He was awesome. He died just a few years ago,  mere days short of his 80th birthday.

There were several memorials for soldiers who fell during the second world war.

One for the Swedes.

Text reads "Over 3000 Yugoslavian partisans gave their lives in Norway during the fight for freedom and independence."

Monument for the Polish fallen.

Monument for the 347 Soviet soldiers. (text reads "Norway thanks you" - there was some more on the side, but it turned out illegible on the photos)

(At least some of) the Dutch soldiers got individual graves.

There was a monument for the Danish too, but it was somewhat plain and the text was near impossible to read.

And then I walked all the way back home.

P.S. I want comments. Even if the photos aren't the greatest - cloudy day, unlike the last time I went to Vigelandsparken
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