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I said I was going to make it, and I did. I fought deth twice, and won.. spent almost all of today out in the garden, reading in the sun. And I finished the book, before the sun went down.

Yesterday, when I talked to my aetat person and told him about this total lack of energy I call "deth," he instantly diagnosed it as depression. Perhaps he is right, but I think there is a more medical reason to it.. I've been depressed before, without such extreme lethargy.

And I am depressed, though not at this instant. Landlady left again (to be gone for two weeks or so), but her daughter is staying here for most of that time, so it's not me alone vs. the vile one.

Another small victory; vile one and a friend are here now, and they've been cooking in the kitchen while I was fixing my food too. Although it didn't quite amount to conversation, the three of us did talk a little, without hostility or criticism. Small things like that mean a lot, because with them, things might not have gone as bad as they did between the vile one and I. Part of my resentment of him is because the only times he talks to me is when he needs a favor.
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