Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

well, so much for that dream.


FFXI benchmark ran once I had installed the latest DirectX version. I had expected Matsuri to score better..


So no go.
And I still can't get the onboard sound to work on Matsuri. May have to buy a sound card.
More ram will certainly help, but ram isn't cheap.
I'm a bit loath to invest (money I don't have at that) in upgrades.. The CPU can't be upgraded without a new motherboard, and a new motherboard means I have to buy DDR-ram, which I'd love to buy but really, I can't afford it.

Oh yeah, and I installed Morrowind on Matsuri - it complained that it couldn't play sound and just quit, so I didn't even get to see how well (or badly) the game runs.

I want to build a new computer.
Tags: ffxi, woe
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