Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

I voted, went out in the woods, and now I have beer.


The Beer of Sneaky Triumph. When I was out buying beer last week, I got three beers: a can of Norwegian beer I know I like, and two different foreign beers yet unknown to me. I only put two in the fridge, so that bastard piece of shit didn't steal all my beer.

And the Beer of Sneaky Triumph tastes good. ^_^

well then, photos.

I hate it, but the summer is just about over.

I chose the path of shadows over the sunny road.

The triumph of life over death. I'm constantly amazed by the trees' strong will to live.

A shallow river. It was nice and cool and tasted pretty good.

Fungus on a dead tree trunk.

I took a break, sat beside this bridge and read a chapter of my current book. It was nice and peaceful, with few people passing by.

No clue what this is. Looks like a cross between fungus and lichen.

The journey continues.

The sunny stretch. Too hot, and I noticed I was short of breath every time I stopped. I'm getting out of shape after all these days confined to my room.

But at least the brook was there like a faithful companion, to slake my thirst should the sun get unbearable.

"Small Tortoiseshell" / Neslesommerfugl (Nymphalis urticae) (ha, that book on butterflies and moths is coming in handy)

Rød Fluesopp / Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria). Poisonous but pretty.

Yes, we have road signs in the middle of the forest.

More mushrooms, though I don't know the identity of these. Too small to be food anyway.

Just another forest path.

Weird fungus on a tree. Water drops?

Blueberries helped take some of the edge off my hunger. I should've packed a lunch, or had a more solid breakfast. Oh well, I survived.

I call this place "The Sun Wall".. the view is pretty good there.

The Oslo Fjord can be seen in the distance here.

I remember what the zoom function is for.

Can you tell I love all these old wooden bridges?

I eventually made my way out of the woods and back to civilization. A bit reluctantly, but I was really getting hungry.

Home to a cat waiting for me in bed.

She was meowing when I came in, and I was worried she had gotten hurt again, because I really couldn't afford any more vet visits now.. but it turned out she just had missed me a lot, as she turned over on her back and offered to let me caress her belly.

Then I made some food and had my well-deserved Beer of Sneaky Triumph. But I really wanted more than the one beer.. I have other alcoholic beverages, but they aren't beer.
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