Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

I'm in the mood for a zombie movie.


Someone recommend me one?
Also, if you ever get the chance, see the Norwegian short movie "Limbo" - it's a 12 minutes long zombie movie. You'll still get most of the plot even if you don't understand Norwegian.

Finally payday. Have set aside money for upcoming regular bills, tried to squirrel some away into my savings account, but it's not unlikely I'll have to dip into it again before next payday. I'm often too optimistic about saving.
What's left will have to go mostly to groceries.
Maybe if I can lay off my savings entirely, I can buy a computer part or two next payday.. but that would mean risking not being able to buy the rest for a long time, being stuck with outdated parts when I finally am able to buy the rest. Like that Athlon XP 2200+ that's lying in my desk drawer. (Good thing I figured "hey, my motherboard might not be compatible with this" before trying to install it.. unfortunately I didn't think that before buying it.)
Tags: computer geekery, money woes, zombies

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