Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

And here's the photo post I promised.


To get away from the stench and feeings of uneasiness around here, I went out into the woods today.

Triplets? Or maybe not quite..

Mushroom parade! It was long.. Around ten meters or so?

Had to take several photos to document it all.

Eventually made my way to Sognsvann.
More so than Båntjern, Sognsvann is not the place to go if one seeks solitude. There were lots of people there.. joggers, people walking their dogs, or in some cases running with their dogs.

It does look a little deserted on this photo.. But that might just be from my tendency to try to avoid getting random people on my photos.

It's always so pretty.. Supposedly, the water isn't the cleanest. People swim there, but one is advised not to drink it. Still, I saw several dragonflies, so it can't be too bad.

Puffball mushrooms. ^_^

Wandering around the lake.

Took a break around here and read another chapter in my book.

Rød Fluesopp again.

It was all so peaceful. No noise, gentle breeze.. and I noticed that not once had my poor sensitive nostrils been assaulted with tobacco smoke. I guess smoking and jogging really does not go together :P

There was some kind of event going on.. race around the lake, I guess.. so there were tons of people there.

So I let the people run, and went over to the birds to share what was left of my packed lunch. Ducks, geese, crows, and a lot of seagulls. No swans this time.

It was pretty awesome to see some of the gulls practically hover in the air, riding the wind.

Finally the slow geese clue in that there's free food to be had.

All in all, I've had an awesome day. Even *gasp* talked to strangers, even if it was only simple things like telling them their dog is cute. Why is it so much easier (at least to me) to compliment on a lovely pet than to say something like "I love the way you've done your hair" or "you look stunning in that outfit"? I can say that to friends, but not to strangers.
Maybe because no one has ever freaked out from hearing their dog is cute? :D

It was really, really nice. People were nice. I didn't see any negative emotions in the faces of anyone there. Most people smiled as they passed me. We were all enjoying the outdoors together, even if we were strangers.

On the way back home I saw several slugs. This one photo turned out pretty good.
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