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New icon, courtesy of naiad_kitty.  ♥ It will be my default icon for now.

Between all the chocolate and jelly donuts, I've probably eaten half a pound of sugar today. Feel kind of not so good.

Playing Shattered Lands some more. Near the end of the game, just running around and cleaning up loose threads. Considered writing an in-depth walkthrough including all sidequests, but then I checked at gamefaqs and they have a pretty good one. The stuff I'd be able to add is insignificant.

In other news, I fell for the temptation and downloaded the first batch torrent of Eyeshield 21, after seeing fanart of one of the characters. I've only watched the first two episodes, and while some of the characters interest me, overall I can't really say it's a hit with me. It's a sports anime. About a sport I detest more than most: American "Football" (why the hell do they call it football? They use their hands too. Soccer is the true Football!)

And with the total number of episodes unknown, can I really afford to get into this? On the plus side, it's not licensed, so it's easy to get. Subbers are a few weeks behind though..

Lots of series are coming to an end. New series will be starting next month. I wonder what will be in store for us this season.. Maybe I'll check out the first episode of each show and write a short mini-review to give you guys a summary of what's out there.

There are lots of series currently ongoing that I know nothing about.. It's hard to believe that I've gotten lucky and have picked all the best series to follow. Of course friends help.. aetherspoon was the one who introduced me to Naruto. I picked up Fullmetal Alchemist right at the very start because the name intrigued me, and was hooked after the first episode raw. Picked up Bleach from the beginning because I knew it was a very popular manga. Trinity Blood because kimivalkyrie kept going on and on about the manga. Yakitate!! Japan thanks to my one friend on DeadJournal who was hyper excited at it becoming an anime, and in turn I've introduced several friends to its glory.

Can't remember when I first was introduced to One Piece, but I was aware of it for probably over a year, when I finally decided to download it all and watch it. I think what prompted me was a certain fanart piece by devosama. Which reminds me, I still need to check out Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. I need to see what inspired such delicious porn art.

Thanks to thistle_chaser, I learned about Damekko Doubutsu and managed to infect other friends with it too. :D

So yeah.. few animes I get into entirely on my own.

Should I do mini-reviews of new anime?

yes - in your personal journal
yes - in _asr
I don't care
I'm just voting this to see the result

But added up, they consume a lot of free time. Which I currently have. But I won't always.. That's why I want to play FFXI now, not later when I have a job and a real income and can afford to build a computer capable of running the game. *sigh*
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