Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


Went to bed early last night, and up late. So I spent over twelve hours in bed. Most of it sleeping, but of course not continuous.

Maybe I should just unfriend the katamari_damacy community for a while. I keep reading about how awesome the sequel is. And I want to play. Oh do I want to play. I've pretty much resolved to buy a PS2 memory card tomorrow when I'm paid, and to visit my Aniki a lot in the near future. And to bring my save with me when I go visit aetherspoon again.

The weather is a classic autumn blah. I don't feel like going outside. This is a day for sitting inside in front of the PS2, rolling up katamari. Too bad I don't  have a PS2 yet.

So I guess I'll make it a day for reading and drinking tea, since the month is ending dreadfully soon, and I'm not even halfway through my book of the month.
Tags: everyday boring entry, reading, 塊魂

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