Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Today = nice.


I needed to buy a PS2 memory card, and not feeling up to walking all the way downtown, nor wanting to spend money on public transportation, I brainstormed for locations of games/electronics stores nearby. I probably didn't need to go further than Vindern or Ullevål Stadion, but I wasn't certain they'd have it, so I decided to go to CC Vest. I hadn't been there for over a year anyway.

So I went to their website to verify that they did indeed have a store that was guaranteed to carry memory cards, and set off. Without consulting a map, to a place I wasn't certain of the way to. But it worked out; there were plenty of bus stops with route information, some even with maps, so I managed to navigate just fine.

It was longer than I thought. It took me over two hours to walk there.. Going downtown might have been just as well, but this walk was far more interesting.

So, photos.

Having a solid concrete wall about half a meter thick between me and traffic made me feel safer. :)

Behold, my naked knee. I was wearing shorts today.

The problem with Oslo is there are too many cars. Rush traffic was crawling. Most people looked unhappy in their cars.

Then I located the mall, purchased my memory card (although in a different store than I thought I would, as there was a price difference of 100 kroner. wow), visited the Tea/coffee/sweets store where I purchased two boxes and mango/passionfruit-flavored rooibush tea.

Then I took the bus, which conveniently goes straight from outside that mall to Ullevål Stadion, where I made it just in time to visit Vinmonopolet and pick up the beer I had ordered. Did some grocery shopping there too, before heading home. I was really tired, so I took the bus (would've been faster to walk, but I was tired and my ticket was still valid), then the subway, which was crowded, and the part I sat in smelled of urine. See why I prefer to walk?

Then I stayed up and won an auction for three sticks of 128MB PC133 SD-RAM. Now I just need a hard drive, and Secunda is complete enough to run, if not "complete".. no sound card or NIC.

I want to stay up and watch anime, but I'm really tired now.. and I have my therapy session tomorrow afternoon too. Need rest.
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