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My RAM arrived today. All three sticks passed memtest with no errors. Matsuri got her memory doubled, leaving one 128MB stick to Secunda, which also needs a new CD-rom drive. It would not surprise me in the least if a family member had one lying around not in use.

But another 256 MB ram did nothing for Matsuri's FFXI benchmark results: +1 in high res and -7 in low res compared to the previous results. Chalking that up to randomness.

Need to question my little mentioned younger brother about his computer specs, as Sigmund said he has played FFXI some. Don't even know how to contact my little mentioned younger brother. Relying on any family member of mine to pass on a message is unreliable at best.

Did I mention I'm planning to get a cellphone? I've found a service provider with a very nice plan, at a quite low monthly cost, which includes some free time, which could easily be more than I'd normally use anyway. Although you could argue I really don't need to carry around yet another piece of electronic that I need to remember to recharge, there have been times where having a cell phone would've been really nice.

Like when I was visiting my Aniki last weekend. I didn't write down his cell phone number before leaving home... (their apartment doesn't have a landline because everyone has their own cell anyway)

So I arrived, and his name isn't on any of the doorbells for his address. Thankfully, there is a phone booth really close, and I still have my phone card that I bought how many years ago now? Still have a lot of minutes left on it. Yeah, I don't use it a lot. Pretty much only when I'm visiting my mom and need to call her from the train station to get her to pick me up.

So I don't have his number, but I figure family members must have it. I try to call my mom's house. No answer. I try to call my mom on her cell phone. No answer.
I call information, but they do not have his number. (Later found out that it was because his phone is registered to the company he works for)
I call my dad, and Sigmund is there, and gives me Audun's cell phone number. I call, asking which doorbell goes to his apartment. It's the one with the three girls' names on it. (the previous tenants)

I wasted over half an hour from when I arrived at his place to when I actually got to enter, all because his name wasn't on the doorbell and I didn't have his number handy. If I had a cellphone, I'd have all my family members' numbers saved.

But, I still got in a lot of katamari rolling, and we drank excellent tea. But I could've rolled even more if.. oh well.
Had a great time. After a lot of rolling, the three of us (me, Aniki and his flatmate) went out to eat (kebab, real classy, heh), and we talked about our experiences in leaving mormonism (flatmate is ex-mormon too).

And if I didn't have the cat, I could move in with them. The place is really nice, or would be if they cleaned it more often. Rent is a bit higher than here, but could possibly be negotiated down in exchange for me doing most of the cleaning, which I wouldn't mind if it saved me money.

But I think I would prefer to room with girls instead of guys. Aniki's place really screams "bachelor pad".. Their shower cabinet looks ten times worse than ours, which hasn't been cleaned for a month now.

I need to find a nice, large apartment, and two or so people to share the rent with. Non-smoking, non-thieving people with a reasonable standard of cleanliness. And the apartment has to be in a cat-friendly area.
How come no realty ads say "cat-friendly neighborhood"? It's all "child-friendly" and crap. So many buzz-words that I don't care about. Elevator, free parking spot, fireplace, short distance to school/daycare/blah.
Tags: computer geekery, ffxi, quest for new residence

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